Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Our anti-wrinkle injection treatment is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a more youthful appearance overall. We inject a formula directly into the muscles which cause facial contractions (e.g. frown lines) which stops the nerves from causing the muscle to contract when you make a facial expression. The relaxation of the muscle causes the overlying skin to release its wrinkle.

This treatment can be very effective in diminishing the appearance wrinkles in the forehead when the face is at rest and while laughing or frowning. We perform this procedure in order to create a fresh rejuvenated appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections are administered safely and in a controlled environment by our fully qualified surgeon, with a thorough explanation of its effects provided prior to the treatment.

Areas Treated

Anti-wrinkle injections are most commonly used to treat the following areas:

  • Laugh Lines – also referred to smile lines or crow’s feet, these are the wrinkles that appear around the eyes.

  • Frown Lines – frown lines are the vertical wrinkles which appear along the glabella (the area between your eyebrows).

  • Worry Lines – worry lines are the horizontal wrinkles which run across your forehead.

  • Brow Lift (Non-Surgical) – using anti-wrinkle injections, we can stop drooping towards the corner of the eye.

  • Hyperhidrosis – this is the medical term for excessive sweating. The anti-wrinkle injection formula can also be used to treat excessive sweat, particularly in problem areas such as under the armpits.